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EyeStylez.com contact lenses (theatrical and color contact lenses) are medical devices and as such should be fitted on the order and under the care of a licensed eye care professional.  All necessary precautions, proper care instructions and advice from your eye care professional must be followed at all times with regard to the purchase and use of all EyeStylez.com contact lenses.   

Limitation of Liability  

Neither EyeStylez.com  contact lenses nor any of its employees, agents, or representatives shall be held liable by you, the purchaser, against any claim, loss, damage or personal injury caused by the use or misuse of these cosmetic contact lenses, whether to you or a third party. It means we cannot be held responsible for any health issues that arise.  Please practice proper hygiene and take good care of your lenses and you should have no problems wearing them.  

Any questions or concerns regards to product safety?  Please visit our product safety page.    


All prescription contact lenses are for myopic (nearsightedness) correction only. We do not have lenses for hyperopia (farsightedness)

Risk of Loss 

All items are checked to be in perfect condition when we dispatch them. We are not liable or responsible for any losses or breakages during shipment.

EyeStylez.com  is not liable for buyer’s remorse or mistakes.  (No refund/No Exchange) Always double check that shipping information is correct.  EyeStylez.com does not reimburse for shipping costs associated with any purchase error.   


All images and material represented on this website are the exclusive copyrighted property of EyeStylez.com    Use without the expressed written permission of EyeStylez.com  is prohibited. 

**These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time without notification, for any reason.